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Principal Rooney a.k.a. Jeffery Jones

Oh, you just knew he was creepy in that perverted sort of way, just from the way he took on the role.

According to an Associated Press report, actor Jeffrey Jones is being charged by Los Angeles prosecutors for failing to update his sex offender registration information.

Just who is Jeffery Jones, you are asking yourself? Well, he’s best known for playing the freaked-out, cool-kid-obsessed Principal Rooney in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

What’s that you say? You didn’t know that he’s a sex offender? Well, it turns out the 63-year-old Jones pleaded no contest in 2003 in Florida to a felony charge of employing a 14-year-old boy to pose for sexually explicit photos. He was arrested in 2004 in Florida for failing to register as a sex offender there.


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Are you tired to politicians talking out of both sides of their mouth? Notice how you can’t get candidates to articulate their positions on critical issues of the day?

Then you need to take a hard look at Clint Webb, who is running for U.S. Senate. This guy is an honest politician; he’ll tell you what’s really on his mind and things you probably don’t want to hear.

I’m gunna vote for Clint Webb for Senate, just as soon as I figure out in which state he is running:


(via The Whitest Kids U’ Know)

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Well, OK then. I guess all we needed to figure out what was wrong with the world is for a heavy thinker – someone like, oh, I don’t know . . . Prince Charles – to put his massive muscle-between-his-enormous-ears to work.

Via the Sunday Times:

The Prince of Wales has blamed a lack of belief in the soul for the world’s environmental problems, and said that the planet cannot sustain a population expected to reach 9 billion in 40 years.

He said he found it “baffling” that so many scientists professed a faith in God yet this had little bearing on the “damaging” way science was used to exploit the natural world.

The Prince pinned part of the blame on Galileo.


Now, I know that Galileo cut a few corners; he basically stole the telescope idea: He was sitting in a 1608 Italian version of Starbucks, sipping on an espresso and noshing a bagel when he heard that this Dutch dude, Hans Lippershey, had created this tub-thingy that made things appear closer when looking through it. And Lippershey was on his way to Venice to sell this contraption to the government. Well, Galileo did some off-the-cuff diagrams on a napkin and – viola! – created the telescope. He made a tidy profit when he sold it to the Venetian government as a weapon of war  (with a 30-power magnification, you could spot war ships from miles away, allowing you to get your defenses up and get your fleet out there to attack). (Lippershey missed out on the contract by a couple of weeks. You snooze, you lose, Dutch boy!)

And Galileo caused no end of headaches for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church by supporting Copernican astronomy and posing a basic question (and I’m paraphrasing here a little):

“Yo, Pope! If God created everything in the universe for the benefit and enjoyment of man, why did he put stars and planets in the sky and craters on the moon that are invisible to the naked eye? Furthermore, if my calculations are correct – and hey, I’m Galileo, so yeah, they’re correct – I’m saying that the Earth revolves around the sun.”


Galileo explains his discoveries to the Pope. By Chris Madden.


Well, that statement flew in the face of Scripture, which says the Earth is the center of the universe, and the Church was not going to cotton to that, so it tried Galileo for heresy and made him recant all his previous writings and theories on the subject or be burned at the stake.

But to say the world’s ills are caused by Galileo and his embedding the “profit imperative behind much scientific research” is just goofy, Chuck.

So, all in all, Prince Charles, I think you are full of it. Go back to playing polo and let everyone forget what a twit you are. One guy’s opinion, is all.

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The band OK Go! won an Webby Award for their crazy Rube Goldberg-machine video. After the awards show, one of the OK Go! band members got into an intense staring contest with a world-famous drummer from another band. With cameos from Zach Galifianakis and Ira Glass.


(via New York Magazine)

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OK, growing up in California, where there are towns, rivers, mountains, etc. with Spanish names, you learn to at least speak an Americanized version of Spanish, just to be able to get around, i.e. “Do you know the way to San Hoe-Zay?

So, this afternoon, I was about to drive from my office in Midtown Atlanta to my writing class in Decatur – a distance of a mere 6.2 miles away. But the radio traffic report mentioned an accident on the route I usually take. Stopped at a red light, I rolled down the window and asked the driver next to me if he knew an alternate route.

“Excuse me. Is there another way to get to Briarcliff Road from here without taking Ponce De Leon? I pronounced that last street “Ponce-De-Lee-Own,” although I ran the syllables together somewhat, California style.

The other driver gave me a puzzled look, and he seemed to understand. “Oh,” he said in a Georgian drawl, “you mean Ponce Dee Lee-On.” He proceeded to give me some pretty good directions.

I remember when I first moved to Georgia, my friend Emily warned me that natives don’t really get the Spanish pronunciations very well, but I had never actually heard Ponce Dee Lee-On before. But I think they may be self-conscious about it because, now that I think of it, the avenue in question is universally referred to as simply “Ponce.”

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Quentin Crisp

“If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.”

— Quentin Crisp

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Edith Shain

I missed this item, but Edith Shain, the nurse in an iconic Life magazine photograph snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square on V-J Day, died last week at 91.

And, of course, the original shot:

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