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For those of you who plan to spend the day in bed today—this Friday the 13th—to avoid any mishaps or misfortune, I give you Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” by way of Donald Duck and Walt Disney.



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OK, so this is just another example of the sad state of… what, education? Pop culture? Knowledge of music history? I mean, to show up as a suggested search topic on Google, several thousand people had to make the same mistake (or one guy searching the same misspelled name thousands of times and learning how to spell it right).

But if someone named Urethra Franklin had been a recording artist, what would she have sung? “(You Make Me Wee Like) A Natural Woman?” Peeway of Love?”

Sorry… couldn’t pass up a little (very little) bathroom humor. Can you do better?

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The Mona Lisa: Considered only good enough to cover a bare patch of wall.

OK, so the girl is in Paris, in the midst of a 10-day visit. Yesterday, she and the gang went to the Louvre. I thought I would share her thoughts about fine art:

today we went to the museums where for the louvre we had a private tour with our guide, isabelle. she showed us around and told us about the highlights of the museum. everyone kept asking her questions and sometimes she answered them, but sometimes she had to tell them she was giving a private tour. so i learned that both museums had a lot of naked paintings and statues, icky icky ICK-Y. so anyway it was very fun other than that…

so talking of something else, our guide told us how the mona lisa got famous: when leonardo deVinci first painted it, nobody liked it. it was sent to louie the 14th palace to just cover up a bare patch of wall. it stayed in king’s property until 1789 (200 years) then it was moved to the louvre. it was 1911 when it was stolen. then EVERYONE started to talk about it and of course all the buzz made everyone LOVE it. 2 years later they found it and another artist named vincenzo peruggia (a louvre employe) had taken it thinking (and claiming) that it belonged in italy. he kept it in his apartment for 2 years. pablo picasso was actually questioned about it. then it was restored in the louvre and everyone has loved it ever since.

Fun Fact, someone threw a rock at it so now it has a dent in her arm(one of them), so now it`s behind a case with security guards.- and that, is the story, of mona lisa. thank you, GOOD NIGHT PARIS. WHOOOOOO”

I didn’t know most of that stuff about the Mona Lisa. Now that’s she got a good art history base, I might be able to get her to spend a little more time at the local museums here. Her brother, well, that’s another story.

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